Do you think, like us, that entertaining guests can go beyond just a good meal?
Do you plan to welcome them in original surroundings? Would you like to offer them a "live" musical ambience? Do you think that a table decoration that's a bit creative is a good idea? Would you like to surprise them with an entertainer? Or were you simply thinking of pulling out all the stops for them? At Loriers we have professionals able to help you or guide you for most of these "extras". And we also have partners who have the skills and ideas to make you a proposal that will delight you.


Until you know what and with whom, an event is especially a gathering you arrange for your guests in a chosen place. Loriers can help you in this, too. By offering one of the places where we officiate every day or looking for a more unusual or even completely unexpected location for you.




Transforming a room into a pirate ship, a castle into a Maharajah's palace or your garden into a fashionable beach, anything is possible. You just need to know whom to turn to. With the experience we have in this area, we can make a success of your ideas, from the simplest to the most elaborate.


Whatever your event, the setting and decorations are an integral part of the evening’s success. Shapes, materials, colours, lights ... all add to build a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.


A beautiful table set with simplicity or an explosion of colour? A table setting in the same style or a profusion of accessories? Large baroque chandeliers or small floating candles? We do not speak by chance of "the art of the table," precisely because nothing is done here by chance.


This ancient discipline combines knowledge without flaws of appropriateness and a genuine taste for beautiful things.





In an event, there is almost always a technical aspect. From the little desk with a microphone to the full array of sound and light, there is a whole range of resources we can make available to you. With the right solutions, both effective and affordable.



Your guests may be susceptible to the charms of a string quartet. Or would you rather have a group who will perform classics of rock and pop live on stage? We know exactly where to find the professionals in the field who can create an effect that gradually gains momentum. And for the late night entertainment... why not a popular young DJ who can bring everyone down to earth smoothly? Let's talk about it.



Outside, a clown and an inflatable castle for the children. Inside, a spectacular cocktail bar. Or ... an equestrian dance performance, or gaming tables, or even a drag artist on stage and fireworks at the end... The entertainments are like gifts that you will offer your guests ... From our first meeting we can discuss it and see what could be most appropriate as part of your event.