Ranges of services

A sporting event? A formal reception? Whatever your desire or your need, our possibilities are endless. And for inspiration, we can draw with you on our formulas which we will develop later according to your wishes and based on our suggestions. Let's talk about it.

Green Gastronomy

Even though you're one of the largest caterers in the country, you can still learn and move forward. That is why Green Gastronomy has joined Loriers. To bring us a complementary vision of our business and give us the opportunity to offer you events thought up in a spirit that is completely and genuinely "sustainable".



Currently, we hear a lot of talk about sustainable development. Talking about it is one thing.
But offering solutions that are practical and affordable is better. Isn't it?


Cozna Vera

A top chef to delight your guests? Surprise them with an original formula that is surprising, delicious and very easy to set up? Cozna Vera by Marc Veyrat is now possible with Loriers.

A small tasting will convince you no doubt that this is perhaps THE unique solution you are looking for.




Reception or coffee break ... Everything must be perfect to start the day or take a moment to relax.



A cocktail buffet ... with or without alcohol, meat or fish, crunchy or soft, there's something for everyone ...



Buffet, stalls or walking dinner ... themed or more traditional, the famous Loriers formulas have it all to please and satisfy the most demanding.



Formal dinner or gala dinner. Contemporary or traditional, here or elsewhere ... It's up to you to see, to us to advise you, to suggest, to surprise you ...



A BBQ, a dinner in the country or even a picnic, enjoy the summer to surprise your guests.



Although Loriers is able to list all the great classics of cuisine, we are also able to offer original formulas that will surprise your guests: salads of flowers, black/white menu, ... and the sky is the limit.



Because eating should go hand-in-hand with pleasure but also with "better living", Loriers Catering is committed to offering balanced and healthy meals.

Choice and product selection based on nutrient intakes, orders fresh on the day, controlled cold storage, cooking methods that require little or no fat, little or no added salt, we apply any recipes that allow us to enjoy healthier lives.